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June 13, 2014

Playing local videos on ChromeCast

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It seems a bit strange initially that only way to play videos is via Chrome Browser. This is well and good if video format is playable by Quicktime plugin in Chrome Browser. This is not enough for other formats like DivX. This leaves 2 options for you to play videos.

  1. You can re-encode videos using ffmpeg to a format suitable for quicktime.
  2. you can download DivX or other video plugins (if available) for quicktime and then play those.

The second option is far easier and is one time effort. It is simple logic but hardly anyone mentions it as a solution on internet, hence the blog post.

DivX plugin can be downloaded from here.


There is also discussion on creating plugin for ChromeCast in VLC and in a few months we should see support for ChromeCast in VLC.



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