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I am a geek by nature. I have been programming for past 10 years almost. I have programmed mostly on Windows, Linux, Windows CE/Mobile and Symbian operating systems.

Telecom Expertise

I have been working in telecom sector for past 6 years and mostly I have experience with European and Pakistan’s telecom sector. I am happy with Pakistan’s telecom sector progress in past few years.

In the begining I only worked with VoIP but as I gained more experience and understanding of telecom protocols like SS7/ISDN, I started working in territorial networks also. Recently (for about 1 year) I have been involved as a core part of a team that is building MVNE (Mobile Virtual Network Enabled) in Europe and I have devised realtime billing of all services. I have build USSD/SMS and IVR applications for same project and a lot of new and cool stuff is still going on. The data part has been interesting. Selecting GGSN and Deep Packet Inspection and then being able to bill different types of services is most challenging of all. I have come to love GSM world.

Mobile Softwares

I started working on Symbian as a hobby in 2004 when I entered in OpenSummer competition on NewLC where I built in 24 hours a simple application to control Media Players on a Windows PC using bluetooth and a Symbian 7 mobile phone. I used Nokia 6600. It was fun to be able to control music and videos being played on a PC remotely from a mobile phone.

I have been working with Windows Mobile since 2003. These days I only target for windows mobile 5 and over for my applications.

My Companies

Aylia Techknowledge Private Limited (Karachi, Pakistan)

This company is involved in creating products/services for telecom sector like

  • IVR Services
  • VoIP
  • SMS
  • USSD
  • Billing Solutions for online/realtime Call Charging for GSM and territorial telecom networks

I have a small team working in this company to build services and products. I spend most of my time related to telecom softwares.

Faber Nitor L.L.P (Singapore)

This is a recently established company. Only a year old. The company is involved in creating softwares and games for mobile phones with current focus on Windows Mobile and Symbian.

FaberNitor has come along very nice in past one year and I have been able to build a team of smart people with my philosophy of hiring right people and looking at qualitative nature of skills rather than number of people and hours worked. Most tech companies haven’t come out of industrial age and are run with a view that more people means more work gets done. I recommend them all to read The Mythical Man Month.


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