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REI (SecretSMS)

REI a.k.a SecretSMS is an app developed for Mobile Phones supporting Symbian and Windows mobile. The idea is to filter out incoming and outgoing SMS that have particular keywords in them. The filtering also works on phone numbers from which SMS is sent or received. This is interesting application and has many uses. Tech guys can keep their critical info shared over SMS locked in this app as well as people can keep their secret affairs away from others who can access their phones.

Key features are:

Protect your SMS from prying eyes

REI will keep your SMS confidential, identified by keywords or mobile numbers you set, in REI Inbox and REI Sent Box. The confidential SMS can only be accessed using your PIN.

REI Lite is FREE

Use mobile numbers

Select mobile numbers from you contact List and make all SMS to and from these contacts confidential in REI Inbox and REI Sent Box

REI Lite allows you to select one mobile number.

Upgrade to REI (full version) for unlimited mobile numbers.

Set your own keywords

Any SMS with these keywords will be identified as a secret SMS and will be kept in REI Inbox or REI Sent Box.

REI Lite allows you to select one keyword.

Upgrade to REI (full version) for unlimited keywords.

Wipe All PIN

Your safety valve. In case of an emergency, you can enter your Wipe All PIN to access REI and all data will be wiped out. One more way to ensure that SMS are protected from disclosure under duress. Or just use it as short cut to delete all settings and SMS.

Note: If you have FNSuite activated in your mobile phone, the delete/all command will also delete everything in REI.

Select your own Secret SMS alert tone

When a secret SMS is received, it will play your selected alert tone different from your usual tone.

This feature is only available for Windows Mobile version

Multiple language support

You can set your keywords in multiple language as long as your phone supports it.

Please leave a comment for any feature that should be implemented in REI to make it better and more appealing.


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