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July 29, 2013

Viewing Erlang Crashdump Remotely

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Erlang allows you to load crashdump by using Crash Dump Viewer. The information provided has backtrace to figure out what went wrong and where. The catch is that default viewer only listens on (localhost) ip address. There is no start method that takes IP address as a parameter to listen on. The way to make crash dump viewer to listen on other port is to start webtool before crash dump viewer and give it ip port.
Here is an example

1> webtool:start(standard_path,[{port,8888},{bind_address,{0,0,0,0}},{server_name,"mytest"}]).
WebTool is available at http://mytest:8888/
2> crashdump_viewer:start().

or simply start webtool and browse to it and start crashdump viewer from the web GUI itself.


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